First Things First

To read the ‘First Things First’ Manifesto please click here.

To sum up this manifesto Garland is saying creatives should be put to a better cause by designing and creating things that will make our culture and awareness expand rather than putting all effort into consumer products. At the end of the day doing this is only making companies like Nike and Coca Cola more money. It’s not changing the world.

First Things First
I think the solution to the problem is for big companies to carry on selling their products and advertising as usual BUT to create a sub-section to their company that is dedicated to helping our knowledge and world expand through design. This way the company is selling/advertising their products as usual but are helping out with the more informative design. The advantage of this is that the informative design gets heard because of the companies brand recognition and their advertising money behind it so it doesn’t get lost in the information overload of today.

Why would big companies do this? If they make it clear that they made it happen they will get a reputation boost and they can put their logo etc. on it which means more advertising for them whilst boosting reputation which equals more products sold for them!

An example I can think of is the BBC’s ‘Planet Earth’ documentries which are an amazing series informing and showing us things about our world that we are never likely to discover ourselves. Imagine if companies like Nike and Coca Cola all done something similar to this, and how much more useful that would be, to make the world a less greedy and more informative place.

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4 responses to “First Things First

  1. Tom Barden

    Nice ideas, would be nice to see a coke advert actually informing us of things rather than having some rats drinking it inside a piano to make noises. I think you have one problem with this, most people that drink Coke (younger generation, basicaly the chavs of this world) dont really give a damn about learning and probably wouldnt take any interest in Coke doing this. Although there would be the other minority like me 🙂 who would like to learn some things through advertising and see something that is a little more challenging, well thought out and perhaps relevant to the time the advert was published.

    Interesting post


  2. chillcleal

    Thanks for the reply Tom.

    I get what your saying about people not paying attention to that part of their advertising, although im sure many people would be a lot more interested in watching something more worthwhile than a product being shamelessly advertised. If it only gets through to a quarter of the people that see it, they are still getting their product out there more + doing some good for the world.

    Currently companies spend millions on placing advertisments in the best places possible, I doubt it gets through to everyone anyway, so why not try and do some good too!

    • Tom Barden

      A lot of companies do cheap, badd adverts because if you put money back into a company a % doesn’t get taxed so they actually save money (somehow) by doing so. I get what your saying about the other half and i think we could go on forver arguing about halves of people, i just need to say, like the Pepsi advert where the person is in the flat with the hot girl and then he drinks Pepsi and explosions happen and things get destroyed, people feel good about themselves, ( i know i did :)) therefore selling more.


      • chillcleal

        Ha, that is a great advert. I am not saying they should stop them adverts but to carry on making them sort and then create a subsection to the company that is put to more informative/useful information design. They can then put there logo and stuff on this stuff too, thus they capture both audiences. Which answers your first comment you made.

        So I think together we just solved this case ^_^

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