Design Vs Ethics

First theory lesson of the year and we jumped straight in learning about ethics and morals, the fine line between them and how they are tied in with design. Also learnt about the difference between plagiarism and appropriation. I found it all very intrested but I find it hard to make sense or come to a judgement because questioning things like morals and ethics is tough because there is never going to be a yes or no answer most of the time. It will be intresting to look into further however and how it ties in with design in depth.

I found a couple examples of ‘unethical’ advertising. Personally I found them really funny but I can see how some people may be offended by them. The adverts below are advertising a ‘Belgian humour magazine’.


Do these offend you or do you like them, and why? Please voice your opinions.


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One response to “Design Vs Ethics

  1. Tom Barden

    Dude, i love these adverts bottom one especially makes me lol, who gives a damn bout ethics when we can create stuff like this!!!

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