2500 word essay

I am to write a 2,500 word essay. My chosen title is –

‘Are Film Title Sequences necessary?’

I am writing this post to hopefully get some feedback on whether you personally think film title sequences add or take away from the experience, does it depend on the film? Do all films need them? etc.

I will also put below some title sequences to help your judgement. Thanks for your time.

Catch Me If You Can opening titles (film)

Casino Royale opening titles (film)

Metal Gear Solid 2 opening titles (game)

Kung Fu Panda ending titles (film)

Please vote in the poll below and also leave a better explanation in a comment if you can (you do not have to sign up or anything to comment or vote). Sorry about the words going off the poll but I can’t control that.


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9 responses to “2500 word essay

  1. Leanna

    I personally think that they add to the experience of a film, especially if they are played before the feature itself as it prepares your mind for the opening scenes.

    Sometimes they’re more famous that the film itself – the intro to james bond for example.

  2. chillcleal

    Yes, I totally agree the bond title sequences have become a brand for the films. Which is a huge advantage for them.

    I agree it gets you into the mood and setting for the action and story.

  3. scottwcoleman

    I love title sequences and agree with saul bass that it gives the audience a chance to settle and get in the mood for a great film (sorry if i spelt this name wrong) especially the last two James Bond movies have been amazing and games seem to make real use of them by remembering or looking back at old games to bring the story and experience together.

  4. chillcleal

    Yer you got the name right Saul Bass. Now that I think about it I think games could really push and excel in title sequences more than films as with games you have a massive amount of game assets like 3d models to play around to make a great title sequences with, where as with a film if it’s not live action from the film you have to start from square one.

    Thanks for the replies so far!

  5. Rhi

    I don’t think they tend to take anything away from the experience, but they often don’t add anything either, making them feel unnecessary unless they are used cleverly to create an atmosphere that helps set up the atmosphere of the film/game.

  6. chillcleal

    I agree if they dont fit the mood or show anything related even subtly then I think they are a waste of time, if not just pretty eye candy to look at.

    Also even if the sequence is done really well, sometimes they can go on for a long time, and you get a bit bored before the actual film starts which is obviously a bad thing, the opening titles for spiderman 3 I think are really good but they go on for far too long.

    Thanks for your comment.

  7. chillcleal

    Some people have commented on the poll itself, I didnt know this was possible, but to make them easier to see I will put them here –

    Ruth – “I find that i enjoy watching most of them. I’m happy to do so with all movies. Only however, if it is relevant. They have to have something to do with the film for me to enjoy them.”

    Tinka – “theyr good because it gives u time to get comfy/food nd w.e..
    and they give time for th film to set its scene whilst theyr playing.”

    Thanks for everyone who has replied and voted so far!

  8. I totally agree that they add more to the experience of watching a movie… Most of the time, I enjoy the title sequence much more that the film itself!

    When I first saw the Casino Royale titles, I was in total awe, and couldn’t wait to see them again. They are a great way of setting the scene, or giving a back story to previous movies, for example Spider Man 2. Have a look at Hitchcock movies. Also, there is a website – might be creative review (I’ll check with my house mate) – that has a list of the top 100 film titles.

    • chillcleal

      Thanks for your reply Antonia. Since ive put the bond title sequence on here it made me watch the whole film again. Haha.

      There are whole websites dedicated to title sequences. Cheers for the suggestion about Hitchcock movies, I shall have a look!

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