These are my most fleshed out ideas for my Grove Fresh live brief so far.
Bare in mind this will change probably change a lot.
Your thoughts are appreciated.




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6 responses to “Juice

  1. steffy

    love the whole idea of the tuxedo and fruit!
    awesome 😀

  2. haha, i do like the ‘suited and booted’ posh fruit idea reiss, adds a bit of fun, without it being too childish.

    now for the bits im not so keen on 🙂

    the script typeface !! the placement of the type at the top, and just not sure about the sudden chunk of coloured background although i see what u r doing – and not really sure of what to suggest but yeah, like how the black suit compliments the black of the ‘grove fresh’ packaging theme – i am sure they will be pleased to see u have tried to stay true to their current design theme !!

    keep going !!

    • chillcleal

      Thanks for the detailed reply Dawn.

      I agree with the typefaces, I just put them on there half an hour before I had to rush to work. Just to make it a bit more complete, just to get more of an idea what it would look like.

      The coloured background is an experiment, I dont think it looks too bad but im going to try more things.


  3. scottwcoleman

    really good idea and i think its a great start – firstly i agree with dawn the apple and orange don’t work at all. The background need changing – i don’t no perhaps just leave it black with a thin outline around the suit perhaps or white even. I think the head should be more of a head than a half head! and perhaps bring the grove fresh up a bit looks a bit low perhaps.

  4. chillcleal

    Thanks scott, a thing outline around the suit i feel will not work, as a ‘stroke’ usually feels a bit amatuerish, in my opinion. I see why you said that, to make the tux stand out from the background if it was white.

    The orange defo needs to be moved up.

    The top bit is a bit of a mess as I said to Dawn that was just placeholder text.

    Cheers for being so critical of my work though you two. Appreciate it, helps it become better. ^_^

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