Harold Wood Hospital

Harold Wood Hospital, located in the London Borough of Havering was built in 1884 and closed on December 13th 2006.
It now lays abandoned.

Outside the snow poured.

Through the corridors we explored.

And passed a nursery the children adored

Where a character called Milo was drawn for all to see.

Then the canteen we went to for lunch, what food could there be?

No food in the kitchen.

No food in the cupboard.

Maybe the food in there

Will make a tasty lunch.

We had our fill, but by accident we spilled, some food down ourselves, we are a messy bunch.
Oh where to find

A place to clean

Which way to go

Up or down?

To find a washing machine.


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6 responses to “Harold Wood Hospital

  1. scottwcoleman

    Nice way of doing the pictures. Really like the stairs one, can just imagine a weirdo coming down or some guards freaky. The corridor pictures are nice as well!

    • chillcleal

      We thought it would be scary as hell if the guards were trained as ninjas, and they were laying in the ceiling, waiting for us, and as we were creeping about they bust through and fall in front of us.

  2. Antonia

    Great photos Reiss! I really like the washing machine – I think I would leave my clothes dirty if that’s ok lol…

    I saw your video on youtube too – I think you should do it in the same style as your Severalls one. But I’m thinking that it is probably unfinished, if you haven’t posted it on here 🙂

    Oh, and someone didn’t tell me that you an Tom almost got caught and had to run out…. lol…

    • chillcleal

      Thanks! Yer I didnt get a lot of video so there was no point in making something of it, I wanted to test Premiere out on my new pc mainly! It’s not gona be posted anywhere else haha.

      Yer I don’t think you want to risk coming next time we go, but we defo are still gona go again 😀

      • Antonia

        Lol how do you like premier? Trust me, I’ve been trying to make a video in Premier, I gave up and just put everything into After Effects – so much easier and quicker. The only draw back with After Effects is putting in sound as you can’t hear it unless you render it all 😦

        Hmmm… yeah… lol. See the thing is, you can run and get away, I can’t! I’d be f***ed! lol…

  3. chillcleal

    No risk, no reward ^_^

    Also you can listen to your music in after effects, press ‘0’ instead of …erm space or enter (forgot which) to watch your comp.

    Im going to try both otu for video editing. Even with a nice new computer with 6gb of ram Premiere struggles with hd video… 😦

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