New Monthly Video Podcast

Click ‘hd’ as always.
Try not to cringe too much.

Leave a comment if your interested in doing your own monthly video podcast, or suggestions on what you want to see in my coming videos.

If you have youtube add me as a friend and subscribe and il do the same back! Thanks!



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6 responses to “New Monthly Video Podcast

  1. scottwcoleman

    wow… i will be checking it 😉 – wonder what your talk about – can I be a guest ?

    • chillcleal

      Why don’t you do your own Mr Coleman, your an interesting fellow, but sure you can make a guest appearance in mine if you like 😀

  2. scottwcoleman

    im not as interesting as you mate people would get bored

    • chillcleal

      I fail to see if your being sarcastic. Haha. But thanks if your not. As for you doing one, you complain that your not very good at public speaking too,this is a way to get better with that but also at filming, editing and just generally getting stuff done.

      It’s totally up to you, but im sure you can at least film or explain at least a couple of things a month that are interesting. Il defo watch it if you make it anyway ^_^.

  3. haha! if they were updated regularly it would be a really interesting way to keep up to date with what you are doing, and yes it probably would help with your public speaking – it must be weird talking to a camera – and I think you feel that yourself in that podcast hehe – oh and your little hand point at the end – haha! thats your new thing now – you have to do it at the end of everyone – all you need now is a wink at the camera and your all set for cheesy adverts 🙂 your guna hate me for this comment – im only kidding though reiss – ^_^ 🙂

  4. chillcleal

    Thanks dawn, yer it is weird and hard to talk to a camera. I think you should try 😀 Im not doing the hand point at the end of everyone haha. This wasn’ta podcast anyway, just an intro 😀

    Thanks for the comment.

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