CC Design Podcast 1

The first episode of the Chill Cleal monthly podcast.
January ’10 edition.
(Released Feb 1st)


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6 responses to “CC Design Podcast 1

  1. scottwcoleman

    wow that surprised me no offense… looked really professional i like how you look down on the camera plus have the stuff going on in the background makes it look, as if you just decided randomly to start filming – the clips were cool … look forward to the next – a christmas tree whyyyyyyy – random – u seemed a lot more confident even if it took a few takes 🙂 – I couldn’t do that

  2. chillcleal

    A few takes…. a lot of takes! Haha, took me 5mins of footage to sometimes say a coupleof sentances right!

    Thanks for your comment! Hopefully with more time this month it will gradually get better and better over time!

    Oh and thanks for being surprised that it looked semi pro, haha.

  3. reiss!! that was really good! so much better than the first one, and u made me laugh with your reactions to the christmas tree story and when your mobile went off, haha! nicely edited, looking forward to the next now, get working your ass off cleal! 🙂

  4. chillcleal

    Thank you! This IS the first one 😀 The other was an ‘announcment’ haha.

    Hopefully they will just get better as I get to grips with filming properly and editing!

  5. Better than the first one. =)

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