Boyd Hall

The following photos were taken at Boyd Hall. It has lain abandoned for quite some time now although recently has been burned down, my photos show what is left.

Built in 1870, Boyd Hall was the village school in Cranham until 1950. It is a rare example of a complete “model” Victorian school and is an excellent example of Essex yellow stock brickwork. It is named after the Boyd family of Cranham Hall who first provided education for local children in a cottage on their estate in 1818 and through whose generosity it was built.
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16 responses to “Boyd Hall

  1. samantha jinks

    Its so upsetting that a place that has so much history to it has been burnt down. I can remember going there to watch my brother many years ago when he was doing karate!!!… That place will be sadly missed from its former glory! 😦

    • It looks a lot cooler now than when it wasn’t being used for years though. Must be weird having known the place when it was in operating condition though!

    • Jo Rogers

      My mum used to hold a mothers and toddlers group there and I remember walking with my mum and brothers there so they could go to beavers. Now it’s in the church hall instead. I remeber how sad I was when it got burnt down 😦

  2. Antonia

    Take me there 😀

  3. gluefingers

    Awesome place for a photoshoot.

    I spent all day Saturday shooting in an abandoned factory. Old buildings are the best!

  4. These are awesum!! some really nice textures n stuff, and some really interesting compositions too 🙂 lovin’ the distressed themes! 😀 xx

  5. Gerry Sweeney

    For nearly 30 years, I produced shows in the hall. The Oglethorpe Players were responsible for its upkeep and installed all the sound and lighting gear that was needed. I have incredible, happy memories of the cheers and laughter that the fantastic little hall enabled us to generate. It is now demolished. Reduced to just rubble. But if you walk past, quite slowly, you may just hear the sound of happy laughter and applause on the night air.

  6. adam bootle

    I can remember playing there as a kid and going to the panto there that they always had. In pictures 7 and 8 you can see the marks at the end of the hall where the stage used to be, and on the far left of pic 7 is the serving hatch thru to the little kitchen area where us kids used to buy our panda pops and jubblies ! There were huge sloping brick piers like buttresses on the outside of the hall that regularly used to be the venue for competitions to see who could run the furthest up them ! Happy days.

    • I hadn’t been in before it was abandoned, but had explored it when it had lain unused for many years. Though pretty scary as it was really dark, and couldn’t go upstairs for fear of falling through.

      I did another photo shoot after this one if you haven’t seen it –

      Thanks for the insight, it breathes life into the photos, I find abandoned buildings fascinating as you look around the place and try to figure out what it would have been like in it’s prime.

  7. adam bootle

    Great shots in the link, the part of Boyd Hall which has an upstairs is the house part of the hall. It’s where the schoolmistress used to live when it was the village school. The bit to the right of your sis in pic 2 is where the school bell used to hang and summon the 70 or so kids into the hall (and we thought classes were big nowdays !)

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