All the sun gone?

Being England that two weeks of sun is probably all were going to get. Here are some photos from a sunny day in my garden.

The above photo was posted at Frozen Reflex for this week’s theme, ‘Grill’.


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3 responses to “All the sun gone?

  1. Tom Barden

    Loving the spider and weird.. cricket.. looking.. thingy.. w/e it is 😀 Think out of those 3 you deffo went for the best one for frozen reflex!! very nice witht he smoke drifting off! Good show young chap!

  2. Thanks Mr.Bard. Glad you think it was the best one to submit to Frozen Reflex. I was tempted for the last photo but it felt a bit obvious, and as you said I liked the smoke too from the one I did submit.

  3. Very nice Mr Cleal…I like the spider-webby one and the bright colours 🙂

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