A ‘little’ research

Since I am going to Portugal for two weeks in two days time I thought printing out all the inspiration i’ve gathered over the summer and sticking it in a sketchbook would be good to take on holiday as I’ll have plenty of time to annotate it all!

It’s taking a long time to cut and stick it in however.





Be back in two weeks!


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6 responses to “A ‘little’ research

  1. haha 🙂 a nice way to lay out your research – competition wise, my amount was way more than this, had I laid mine all out on the floor separately – good effort though reiss, and yay to 2 weeks advantage to me whilst your away 🙂 p.s I think we should stop this competition talk – we sound like proper geeks 🙂

  2. I counted the sheets on your photo, around 32 sheets with 4 images on them each, which is 128 images.

    I printed 300+ off, unless you had another batch of sheets the same size as the ones photo’d then no chance dawny 😀

    And neverrrrr, your just feeling the heat of competetion ^_^

  3. gluefingers

    This is rather overwhelming.
    Did you finish organizing it?

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