Wohhh full on rainbow

Rainbow & Balloon



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7 responses to “Wohhh full on rainbow

  1. Stacey

    Wow these pics are amazing! Im so jealous!!

  2. omg! that rainbow is amazing! no photoshop editing? wish I had seen it – I love love love the clouds in the balloon one too – I’m really into clouds at the moment, find them so calming 🙂

    • Haha thanks dawn, no I made the colours more intense. Yer I lovethe clouds in the balloon one! Epic composition 😀 It flew over my house, my mum saw it, I run and got my zoom lens run out side and started snapping away ^_^

      • ah good timing! I’d love to have a ride in a hot air balloon but I think I’d also be quite scared, you would be able to get some amazing shots from up there ! Perhaps we should all book a trip next year after uni is over, as a way to celebrate ! 🙂

      • Tom informs me hot air balloons are expensive but we can see anyway! Once in a lifetime type of thing isnt it 😀 Shall have to research. Also have to go on holiday at the end of next year to celebrate!!!! Save those pennies!!!! We should start looking now really to book to make it cheaper!

  3. we should indeed, I think I need to save quite a few pennies though, at least with all the graphics work that needs to be done, I won’t be going out for a year !

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