Games, Cinema & Snow!

Cinema 4d

After this week I will be experimenting and finding a lot more about how to work in 3d! Here is something I made yesterday –

Snow –

A video of Thomas Barden and I making the most of the snow. I shot everything at 60fps so I could use Twixtor to make super slow mo!

Inspiration –

I flicked through the music channels last night and caught the end of this video. It is a throw back to a lot of the most popular old school games, such as pac-man, pong and asteroids, with some funny references such as ‘all your feelings are belong to us’. Which if you dont know is a twist on the infamous quote from the game zero wing (which was translated from Japanese to broken English) and become a famous internet meme in 2000-2002 which was ‘all your base are belong to us’. Seen by the image below!

Heres the  music video.

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