Abandoned Rainham Marshes

Stumbled acoss this place last week late in the day, so today we went back and explored all day. Tom Barden and myself declared it a golden find, check out his blog to see more photos. We also filmed a fair bit which will be released in our podcasts, unleashing on the 1st of February.

No problems with security, a few lorries and cars driving past the area as we were inside, apart from that, a piece of cake! Oh and I almost got scared to death while walking up some metal stairs, I looked up to find some weird eyes looking back at me from between the rungs, after a second of terror I realised it was a cat!

This was pre black cat scare. Though I think my eyes would have been a lot wider than this!


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6 responses to “Abandoned Rainham Marshes

  1. scottwcoleman

    I like the first picture angle you’ve used is nice and the black and white images are also good especially the staircase. Your eyes arent that big hence the picture.

  2. Tom Barden

    A really nice variety of images you got here. My favourites are the red brick and plant (in that order) The focus on the red brick is just a dream to be quite honest. I see you have put in the picture of the foxes computer, he won’t be none to pleased with that! 🙂

  3. lovealemon

    nice set of pics as usual…love the fact u always tell me u have no clue where I live..ahem…RAINHAM lol 😛 now u have no excuse! (haha) but seriously liking the abandoned theme ur playing with, its really interesting 🙂 x

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