A Fresh Podcast

A new podcast to show what im up to creatively and to document my final major project for my degree.
Please go to vimeo to watch it in a bigger size.

Thanks to –

Scott Coleman and Tom Barden (who have also done podcasts) for the extra slow motion water footage.

Animation that starts at 5.54 is by Buck – buck.tv/​library/​smart-car

Ilomilo’s website – blog.ilomilo.com/


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7 responses to “A Fresh Podcast

  1. scottwcoleman

    Very nicely put together, I really like the start with the different frames (ive gota try that), the slow mo footage came together – wish my after effects worked bit smoother than premier :(. The swearing bit was funny was expecting that and the edits at end ! Be careful with that colourista looks like a very nice pink lipstick your wearing lol! dawn might ask for some tips. Including some of animations was also cool. Look forward to the next one

    • Cheers potty!

      So youl nick the multiple screen video for your next podcast I take it then… 😦

      Dawn can ask for as many tips as she likes haha.

      • scottwcoleman

        np… I probably will do something with it but not in the same fashion if that makes sense. and yes your podcast did lack that pie eattin lady

  2. ah really good podcast, agree with scott on the multiple frame part, and good selection of music used too. I love your little 3D character you made ! Thought the coloured texture you used looked so sweet – I want one ! Really like the style of that animation you showed, Buck is it called? Love the textures they have used in it, wish I could do something like that ! Looking forward to the next one, and yes, the swearing was quite a shock too ! 🙂 D p.s it could have been improved with a feature from the pie eating lady 😉

    • Thanks! You can eat all the pie you want, I don’t like any pie. 😀 And yes the company/studio is called Buck!

      • :o! don’t like any pie?!! my, o my! Since the last comment, I have been trying to make something look 3D in Photoshop, no joke, it looks naff and not 3D at all! All I wanted was some sort of separate block shadow but my poor brain just doesn’t get perspective and how to make it look right 😦 Stupid 3D ! I think it needs to be left to the clever people!

  3. scottwcoleman

    dont think photoshop is really built for that you need cinema 4d or something – it i very hard to make anything look 3d in photoshop

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