Congratulations – You made it to the end of the month

As I was searching for games that are more than just entertainment experiences I came across a game called ‘Spent‘.

In this simple choice/consequence game you start with $1,000 and have to make it through the month whilst making very difficult day to day decisions that crop up out of the blue, just like in real life.

Your part!

If you take the time to play the game, could you please answer the questions below in a comment (you do not need to be a member to comment), it would help me develop my own project.
(Please number your answers).

Click here to play.

Questions for you –

1. What day did you make it to on your first go?

2. How did the game make you feel?

3. Do you think the game was effective and would you be more likely to help out people in need, either by volunteering or donating after playing?

4. Could you please include your age and put ‘non gamer’, ‘casual gamer’ or ‘hardcore gamer’ next to it. Example – ’26 – non gamer

Feel free to add any other comments after.
Thank you for your time.

Rough definitions for question 4.

Non gamer = I have tried one or two games before but wouldn’t choose or go out of my way to play them.

Casual gamer = I mostly play games socially or usually on my phone or websites such as facebook.

Hardcore gamer = I keep up with the latest gaming news, buy the latest releases day 1 when I can and play all the time.


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27 responses to “Congratulations – You made it to the end of the month

  1. scottwcoleman

    1. I made to the end with $256 left.

    2. Slightly depressed this what I have to look forward to when I leave University.

    3. I dont mind donating money but you obviously have to be sensible for yourself and other people close to you.

    4. 21- Hardcore gamer.

    • how the hell did you make it to the end with money still left ??? !!! hope you are that sensible with money in real life 🙂 xx

      • scottwcoleman

        i dont how i done it lol – i done a lot of heavy lifing so I didnt have a good life. I also sold my stuff which is much like myself lol

    • Thanks Mr. Coleman!

      Instead of making you want to donate or help out did it make you think about your own money and how you could be more careful with it?

      • scottwcoleman

        yeah i would obviously only donate if my own situatation was fine. But yeah it does make you realise how much bills and stuff can cost, so calculating what you can afford is something that is very important.

  2. Answers below:

    1: Day 7

    2: The game made me feel as though life was incredibly hard and that every decision I made ended up resulting in a negative outcome.

    3: The game was effective in getting its point across, with hard hitting facts and an interactive element to encourage you to continue to participate to find out the results for yourself. The nature of the ‘game / experiment’ itself seemed somewhat biased though, the way in which the pre programmed answers decided the outcome of where you clicked, making out the events to seem deliberately impossible to succeed, something which could lead you to feel skeptical towards the cause it was promoting, and in turn not want to donate.

    4: 22 – non gamer.

    Hope that helped 🙂

    • Thanks Miss Gardner.

      I must admit the person you are role-playing as has awful luck, though when you can’t do things properly because of a lack of money things are more likely to go wrong. Though I see what you are saying and agree with you in part.

  3. Daniel Humphrey

    1.The whole month

    2.The game made me feel bad because i had to skip bills to get through the month

    3. Its made much more aware of how people try to live day to day

    4.21 – casual gamer

    • Thanks Mr. Humphrey.

      I felt the same, when playing games I usually really think about the decisions I make as if I were doing them in that situation, some of the actions I took were very tough. I sat there looking at a couple of questions thinking about the consequences in my head and then the outcome wasn’t as straight forward as it seemed, like in real life I guess.

  4. scott: haha! heavy lifting is not good 🙂 I sold my stuff in a yard sale but only made $150 which I then spent in hospital lol 🙂

  5. Tom Barden

    1. 20

    2. I felt like it was a challenge, didn’t really feel like I was in it or bad or anything like that, although I tried to play is as I would do it in real life.

    3. No i’d never donate to them, even now, because im sure if you are sensible, more so, you will be fine.
    4. 20 – hardcore

    • Do you think that even if you are sensible you could have everything crash down on you at once? What if you lost your job, your pet got ill, someone stole your car etc all at the same time.Leaving you in debt.

      Thanks for answering!

  6. JW

    “1. What day did you make it to on your first go?”

    End of the month.

    “2. How did the game make you feel?”

    Concerned. But like some of the choices seemed like bullshit. For example, having a low income and no time doesn’t necessarily mean you’d speed.

    “3. Do you think the game was effective and would you be more likely to help out people in need, either by volunteering or donating after playing?”

    I think the game is good for people who really have no clue what it’s like to have a low income. It’s unlikely to make me donate or volunteer to that specific charity but it would remind me to, say, put something into the Food Bank.

    “4. Could you please include your age and put ‘non gamer’, ‘casual gamer’ or ‘hardcore gamer’ next to it. Example – ’26 – non gamer‘”

    34 – casual gamer

    • Thanks Jw.

      I agree with your number 2 to some extent. Though I guess your role playing as a person that is already in that situation and you have to try and deal as best you can with the choices and actions they make day to day. But I agree if that was actually me I would sell my phone for instance for a start!

      Thanks again for your time.

      • JW

        No problem. I’d get rid of the cellphone too. And you can reduce your expenses a lot if you have roommates. I lived really cheap in college with roommates and no car. I guess it’s a little different if you have kids.

  7. Daniela

    1. 30

    2. It made me feel more aware of how easy it is to lose money quickly.

    3. I thought the game got its point accross well, and if I was secure enough financially to donate then I would definately consider it.

    4. 15- ‘casual gamer’

  8. Heather

    1. Made it through the whole month with $154 left
    2. The game made me feel pretty worried in case my life actually turns out to be like this!
    3. I would like to say I’d donate or volunteer, but that would only happen if my situation was good enough for me to be able to.
    4. 18 – Casual gamer

  9. Ashley

    1. The whole month

    2. The game made me feel as if i was working in real life as that is some of the problems people have to go through to make money.

    3. i did think the game was effective as it lets people know the harsh facts of the way some people have to live and the things they may have to sacrifice for money, but i dont think i would donate.

    4. 22-Non gamer


    • Most people seem to say they would donate if they were in a situation to. If you don’t mind answering, why would you still not donate. There is no right answer really so don’t worry!

      Thanks for doing it.

  10. Paul Gardner

    1)Lasted to the end with $660 I think.
    2)Felt like one who aspired to the American Dream; and saw Skid Row looming..YIPES.
    3)That ‘stream of conscienceness’ stuff doesn’t affect my ‘redistribution of wealth’ perception.
    4) Non gamer, 55 years.

  11. J Fox

    1. Day 30

    2. Like i wanted to win, and end up with the most amount of money left at the end of the month, and made me think that its actually quite hard to save money.

    3.The game made it seem like no matter what you did it would bring up something more ridiculous and pay out more and more for things you could avoid in life.

    4. Ultimate hardcore Naruto/ Marvel vs Capcom gamer, 21 years of age.

  12. Antonia

    1. Got to the end of the month

    2. It made me feel frustrated because these scenarios could happen, and made me question how I handle my own finances (which is poorly in reality)

    3. I definitely do think that it was effective in conveying its message, but it’s ironic to then ask for donations once it has put the fear of death into you about your finances and how you handle money…

    4. 21 Casual gamer

    • Thanks for the reply Antonia. I guess for those that are well off it may open their eyes a bit and get them to help, for quite a few people it has made them more aware or/scared of their own situation, especially for us guys who have to start our careers soon!

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