Glimpses 3

Making an internet cafe and the surrounding street

Suggestions on what to add to the scene from others –

– CCTV camera
– Price Board
– Computer Mice
– Webcams


Filed under 3d Design, Motion Graphics

2 responses to “Glimpses 3

  1. Antonia

    I don’t suppose you have a storyboard that you could post? It’s great seeing all these stills, but would really love to see how you are going to piece them all together!! Please don’t make me wait until it’s all finished!!

    • Haha, sorry to say I don’t really work in a storyboard way, I sketch a few thumbnails with roughly what I have invisioned for the scene but thats about it. I suck at drawing and therefore it doesn’t help me work things out, so I sketch and write roughly what my idea is then sort it out properly when im making it!

      Also you wont have to wait long! My deadine is the 12th May! And thanks!

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