Glimpses 4

Street is basically done. Will do the rest of the animation and go back and add as many extra details as I can depending on time.

Im going to need to build up the surrounding area so that I can create a convincing world in my shots.
An overview can be seen below.


Filed under 3d Design, Motion Graphics

4 responses to “Glimpses 4

  1. Estimated final render time for a 30 second animation before hand in on the 12th may . . .

    24.4 light years

    • Haha your not far off. Change light years to hours and I think you still might be a bit short for this scene. Im leaving this one til last, want to cram extra detail in once ive finished all the other bits!

      The one that is rendering now, which has been rendering since last night, is on 9 hours 42mins and has just under a quarter left.

  2. It’s annoying when your trying to work out timing but it’s quite satisfying when you know it’s done and your just waiting for the final version,I guess it’s like waiting for your stuff from Moo or any other printing website.

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