Upcoming Exhibition Layout

To help everyone visualize the layout of our fast approaching exhibition I have mapped out our currently planned layout.

P.s – If you want your work on this please send it to me or any other member of the web team asap. Also the work that is on the screenshots I know this might not be the actual work your using but instead putting on the website but it’s the only thing I have to use at the moment.

Top view, roof removed

Photos from original visit to the Free Range space



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9 responses to “Upcoming Exhibition Layout

  1. oh my god, looks so good reiss! It actually looks exactly like the space, you even have the pipework showing! Having the boards up makes the space seem so much smaller, but the central layout works nicely, thanks for doing it! 🙂

    • Haha, no problem, will be nice when all the work is put up! Originally I didn’t think it would be very useful doing this but I think it helps quite a lot now.

      Somehow I lost the video and shots I took when we went up there, so thanks to scott for sending me some screenshots of his so I could try and pice together what it looked like!

      Glad it helped.
      Oh also if they arnt the pieces your actually showing, feel free to send me the ones you are!

      • aw no it does really help give an accurate idea of how it will look. I’m still not sure what pieces I am showing yet! I think a couple of the ones you have used will be going up so I’ll just leave it as that for now 🙂

  2. I like how we are all on the same side too *the best side* 🙂

  3. angry other side

    “I like how we are all on the same side too *the best side* ”

    we will agree to disagree.


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