Windmill Continued

Continuation of my windmill modelling. I am pleased with how it is taking shape and am even adding extra little details. Ignore the weird spikey stuff in the background, experimenting with what the landscape can be! Any feedback on what to add or what to change is welcome as always.

After messing about with the landscape so much, with trying to get it to bend to allow space for the steps I have messed the smoothness up a bit, so this needs fixing (though at a distance it looks fine, like above). The surrounding wall is looking good, Iwill need to jig some blocks so that it is not so ‘samey’ all the way around.



Filed under 3d Design, Motion Graphics

2 responses to “Windmill Continued

  1. scottwcoleman

    Very nice 3D render of windmill mr chill cleal, still not keen on the background spiky background might be cool to try something more natural. Path and stone wall look really nice tho and the wood effect

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