Cast Courts

My latest visit to London led us to stumble upon the Cast Courts in the V&A Museum. Originally Leanne (see her post on the Cast Courts here) and her sister Shannon went to see the Ballgowns and Hollywood Costumes exhibition but after seeing what it was from the outside and finding out the price we decided to veto it and wander instead, leading us to our discovery.

The Cast Courts were a sight to behold – ‘Opened in October 1873 The Builder compared the experience of seeing them for the first time with a first glimpse of Mont Blanc, creating one of those ‘impressions that can scarcely be effaced.’

Since it was Halloween yesterday, I think this post is quite apt, most of the figures in the architecture were very eerie.

After the Cast Courts we stopped off at a nice pub…… after that we went to the Grant Museum of zoology. Photos will be posted tomorrow!


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2 responses to “Cast Courts

  1. I really like the first picture and the third i tried so hard to get something similar but my camera wouldnt allow it! Awesome post

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