London Walk About

Seemingly one of the first mostly sunny days of the year, also by far the windiest day too! Only a smatter of rain fell too, compared to the bucket loads we seem to get every other day, this put Tom and I in higher spirits! The first interesting thing we found was the London Hydraulic Power Company’. It’s former use was to install a hydraulic power network of high pressure cast iron water mains. It closed in 1977 and is now used as a restuarant and arts centre.

Fan Edit
Fan 2
Fan 4
Sand exsists on the Thames shore?
Sand & Stairs
After going down a platform that we technically shouldn’t have been on (when has that stopped us before!) we found a curious red crane attached to the side of the building that was labelled ‘A & B King Henry’s Wharves C & D’.
Red Crane 1
Red Crane 2
I was challenged by my girlfriend, Leanne, to take a photo of something green. So here is that photo!
Green Photo
This was a strange one. This was attached to the building offscreen to the left. From what I could work out, each level was the persons ‘terrace’ or ‘garden area’, very strange! I wouldn’t be a fan of the structure to actually use it (if that is what it’s used for) but it’s an interesting structure for a photo!
Spikey Gardens
The Blue Bridge. Tom has a lot more information in his post on this bridge – here. We were standing in the centre when it started beeping at us so we made a hasty retreat and started snapping away!
Blue Bridge


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4 responses to “London Walk About

  1. My favourite picture on this post is the sandy Thames one, the right amount of detail & shadow, possibly some minimalism in there too πŸ˜› I couldn’t seem to get any nice shots of the red cranes against the buildings, the second one down is my favourite, if they would open that building up for living there I would be more than happy! And last but not least, my favourite thing about the day – the Blue Bridge, love it, it frames the buildings from canary Wharf & the crane very nicely, I’m not sure how they spent Β£435,000 upgrading it, but it does look nice πŸ™‚ Overall was a really good day and I think you’ve come away with some cracking shots!

    • Wow high praise. Thank you!

      What was your problem with trying to get photos of the red crane? It would certainly be an interesting place to live with a great view!

      I really like the sandy photo too, mostly because I wasn’t expecting to get a photo anything along them lines!

  2. I cant believe how amazing the sky looks in the majority of your shots. Taking into consideration the fact it was January! Thank you for the green shot πŸ™‚ I think my favourite is the fifth photo, of the red crane. Everything about it makes me smile.

    • Thank you! It has a bit of everything in it that photo doesn’t it! Thought you might like that the best.

      The sky was amazing! Seems to be happening more often now as it’s nice today too!

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