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Hiatus over

It has been nearly two months since my last post on here, after keeping steady regular posts before that. I have been doing on and off freelance animations for Defected. I have also recently got really into gardening and have started a blog with my girlfriend, which you can see here – Chicken Atop A Pig.

To get back into the swing of things I have set a little project for myself. A while ago before I started my last year of the graphic design degree I wanted to do a kinetic typographic animation. I think now is the time to do it, whilst I continue to search for a full time job, preferably doing video editing, motion graphics or anything inbetween them.

I recently found a new artist who’s music I love. The singer/songwriter is called ‘A Fine Frenzy’. The song I have decided to do my kinetic typography piece to is called ‘The World Without You’. Which you can listen to below –

This blog should start getting posts regularly again, so stay tuned!

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Miles Donovan Presentation

I decided to create a short introduction animation to the presentation I filmed and edited. This is the first project in 3d where I have used more than just basic primitive shapes!

Thank you to Neil Randerwala for assistance in setting up and Matt Watson for filming with the second camera (close-up, moving camera).

This is the longest piece I have edited, clocking in at 1 hour 10mins and 40seconds.

The 10 second animation at the start took exactly 76 hours, 18mins and 30seconds to render.

Please click 720p.

Miles Donovan (Part I)

Miles Donovan (Part II)

The leaves that I added blown by wind at the very start were probably more of a pain to do than they were worth. The leaves kept on passing through the wall of my classroom and zooming past my shot inside. There was no reason for some of them to go through as others were stopped by it. I ended up having to layer many more walls outside of our view so that they wouldn’t pass through.

This is the overall scene I built from a distance.

I photographed most of the textures whilst walking around the block.

The classroom is roughly modelled to the real classroom we filmed in.

The screenshot above and below shows how I have tried to roughly match the end of the intro animation with the start frame of the film edit.

Who is Miles Donovan?

Taken from –

‘Hello, I’m Miles Donovan, i’m an illustrator and member of Peepshow Collective. My work has been used internationally for editorial and advertising clients including The New York Times, Creative Review, Guardian, Telegraph, Airtran and Qantas. You can find my illustrations in the books ‘Illusive’, ‘The Fundamentals of Illustration’, ‘Pen and Mouse’ and ‘Illustration Play’. With Peepshow I’ve worked on design, art direction and animation projects for BBC, Nike, Channel Four, Philips, Toyota, Redbee Media, Diesel, and The Victoria & Albert Museum. I’m represented by the good people at Art Department in New York and Serlin Associates in London and Paris.’


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A New Hero

An absolutely incredible and inspirational person I recently found.

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Silky Smooth

Beautifully fluid stop motion animation to an equally beautiful song.

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The Lost Thing

Just came across this phenomenal trailer, it’s in a very similar style to ‘Lost and Found’. The typography is georgeous.
The website is also incredible –


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Congratulations – You made it to the end of the month

As I was searching for games that are more than just entertainment experiences I came across a game called ‘Spent‘.

In this simple choice/consequence game you start with $1,000 and have to make it through the month whilst making very difficult day to day decisions that crop up out of the blue, just like in real life.

Your part!

If you take the time to play the game, could you please answer the questions below in a comment (you do not need to be a member to comment), it would help me develop my own project.
(Please number your answers).

Click here to play.

Questions for you –

1. What day did you make it to on your first go?

2. How did the game make you feel?

3. Do you think the game was effective and would you be more likely to help out people in need, either by volunteering or donating after playing?

4. Could you please include your age and put ‘non gamer’, ‘casual gamer’ or ‘hardcore gamer’ next to it. Example – ’26 – non gamer

Feel free to add any other comments after.
Thank you for your time.

Rough definitions for question 4.

Non gamer = I have tried one or two games before but wouldn’t choose or go out of my way to play them.

Casual gamer = I mostly play games socially or usually on my phone or websites such as facebook.

Hardcore gamer = I keep up with the latest gaming news, buy the latest releases day 1 when I can and play all the time.


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Awesome Inspiration

Taken from Ign. A made up gaming manual, taking the mick out of Halo.

Here are a few pages from the 7 page manual.

I have been quite hung up on the idea of making a book, using other peoples content and then illustrating the interesting bits I have found about gaming and edited down to only the best bits. Having seen this it could be a reallygood idea to do my own game manual for either a made up game or an exsisting game, as it would then be all my own content. Decisions, decisions.


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As I want to produce a book as my final piece I have been looking at book printing sites. I decided to test ‘Blurb‘ out as they seemed like the best quality but also gave me most options as a designer to be creative with my book. I can produce the pages however I want, the obvious choice being InDesign and then converting to Pdf to upload. A lot of sites do not give you this option and therefore would not give me complete creative freedom.

I knocked a quick book up using my past work with the least amount of pages I could (15 pages) just to see if the quality was good enough for how I wanted it to look. I received the book today and the print quality is really nice. I will be using Blurb. See photos below.

After going to the bookshop called Magma on friday to look for some inspirational books I went home and brought the ones I was interested in online, they also arrived today! I was trying to look for a book close to what I had in mind to do on my subject and found it hard to find any, but came across one called ‘The Little Book of Shocking Food Facts‘. However after looking online I thought this book looked stronger called ‘The Little Book of Shocking Global Facts‘. Im really glad I found these series of books, something that relates pretty directly to what I want to achieve. Pictures below.

Amazing, colourful, attention grabbing front cover.

One of the most visually interesting content pages I have ever seen.

As with what I wanted to do this book doesn’t stick too closely to one style. It keeps constants such as page numbers but apart from that the style changes every few pages, it is hard to find a book like this. As you can see from the page below this is more photography based.

Mixed with info graphics.

More designer/typographically based.

Hopefully my intentions for my brief are a little more clear now that you have seem some visuals. Another book also caught my eye, it is dedicated to handwritten design. I thought this would be a good addition to all my current inspiration, which seems mostly digital thus far. Pictures below.

So far I have compiled a lot of research and inspiration over the summer, I have a week before I start back properly at college and in that time I need to workout what size book I want to work too and then I can start compiling what exactly I want on eac page of my book and how it’s going to be presented. Excited to get started!


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Emilia showed me a couple of scenes from the film Cashback. It is 3.46am on Monday morning and having just finished watching, it has easily become one of my favourite films. Watch alone, without distractions, beautiful.

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Im Alive

Sorry there hasn’t been any activity in a while. I have been busy starting my work experince for Arup, of which I have spent two days with them so far. They are all really nice people and I am helping them design Arup’s year book which shows off the best of their work in order to show to clients. Exciting stuff!

If you want to learn more about arup go to –

I also found this great advert for the drink 5 Alive.

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