Degree Work

Third Year Design Work

Final Animation

Explanation of Game Addiction Animation

(Initial) Class presentation – October

Self Initiated Group Crit

(Latter stages) Class presentation – March



The purpose of this project is to give a balanced and educated view on video game addiction in the most interesting and informative way possible. Finding the best way to inform people about this subject and keeping the viewer interested is the primary objective. The medium and the style used, the typography, colour scheme and all other aspects will need to blend seamlessly to achieve this. The information produced will need to be given to the viewer in such a way that they are involved throughout, to open their eyes to this growing, yet largely overlooked problem and to create the interest to learn more.

Gaming Addiction appears to be a growing problem in the world yet there is surprisingly little research on the topic. Through the research I have already done most people involved in games admit that more information needs to be collected about game addiction. There is already adequate information provided by federations such as PEGI who label games with age ratings and warn of the contents of each individual game. The lack of information displayed to the public about game spurred the creation of this project. Positive and negative aspects of the medium will be addressed to give an accurate overall assessment on game addiction.


Researching and compiling information about game addiction and transferring it in a way that is both educating and compelling to view, whilst keeping an overall balanced view on the subject.


The audience of this project covers people of all ages. The problem is creating compelling information design that keeps everyone interested. This means the style cannot be overly complex or intellectual as younger people will not be able to understand it, nor can it be too childish as older people will lose interest, a happy medium needs to be found.

Different age groups and people with varying interest levels in games will hopefully be able to learn something about game addiction. For younger people it may make them aware that playing too much could be a bad thing, for older people who do not play games the information given could make them keep a closer eye on what their children are up to and be more involved. As long as the information is given in a clear and interesting way, useful information learnt despite being taken differently by varying age groups will provide aid to the viewer.


 Exploring and researching different sources and elements of game addiction is imperative. This project is heavily dependent on credible secondary research. Sifting through information from as many different mediums such as TV programmes, the internet and books will not only give me a variety of different information but may help me find the best way to compile my own information to show to the public. Looking at the way the information is presented on the topic of game addiction will help me see what to avoid and what works well when providing information for mass consumption.

Primary research such as quantitative data gained from questionnaires and empirical data achieved through experiments of my own may also be necessary.

Time Plan

Initial Plans: Gather research from as many different sources as possible, whittle down the information to the most useful parts.

Later Plans: Take the information gathered and experiment with ways in how to best present the information in an interesting coherent form. Research information design and how other designers have processed information into a visual form.

One response to “Degree Work

  1. lem the feel good drinks stuff! was very awesum…both the animation and the poster 🙂 and saw the other black and white animation of the bombings at the show in college ..was very cool 🙂 looking forward to more! xx

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