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No Smoking

10 responses to “Photography

  1. I love the last pic!
    I want to find an abandoned building like that here in Winnipeg so I can shoot it for school assignments but I have no idea where I might find somewhere like it! hmmm a mission for me methinks!

    • chillcleal

      Thank you. You should do lots of research finding places like that is pure gold for photography!

      • Jyss

        I love it as well. I wish I could find a place such as this and explore its depths but alas any place that run down around here would be boarded off to the public.

        However sneaking in is always an option.

  2. chillcleal

    Yes, it was pretty hard to get into, at least the second time. Even guards out the front. What we do for our art eh 😀

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Jyss

    I agree, I remember just last year I stood very close to the edge of a cliff to get a great shot of the rising moon over the ridgeline, passing by again in the daylight we found my shoe prints just inches away from the edge. I knew I was close but not that close.

  4. chillcleal

    Ha sounds like an awesome shot. Have you got a link I can go to, to see your stuff?

  5. You have an awesome eye for textures!

    • Why thank you Clare! Finding and shooting different textures is really interesting because you have to look at photography in a new way. Especially if you are shooting them straight, very useful to build up texture to use in design work!

      Thanks for the comment!

  6. There are some great shots on this blog! Enjoying the posts, keep ’em coming! 🙂

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