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Chill Reel 2012

Haven’t posted anything in a while, so what better way to get back into the swing of things than putting up my first ever showreel! Featuring new work, including what I had been busy working on for Defected Records.

Please watch in 720p

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Miles Donovan Presentation

I decided to create a short introduction animation to the presentation I filmed and edited. This is the first project in 3d where I have used more than just basic primitive shapes!

Thank you to Neil Randerwala for assistance in setting up and Matt Watson for filming with the second camera (close-up, moving camera).

This is the longest piece I have edited, clocking in at 1 hour 10mins and 40seconds.

The 10 second animation at the start took exactly 76 hours, 18mins and 30seconds to render.

Please click 720p.

Miles Donovan (Part I)

Miles Donovan (Part II)

The leaves that I added blown by wind at the very start were probably more of a pain to do than they were worth. The leaves kept on passing through the wall of my classroom and zooming past my shot inside. There was no reason for some of them to go through as others were stopped by it. I ended up having to layer many more walls outside of our view so that they wouldn’t pass through.

This is the overall scene I built from a distance.

I photographed most of the textures whilst walking around the block.

The classroom is roughly modelled to the real classroom we filmed in.

The screenshot above and below shows how I have tried to roughly match the end of the intro animation with the start frame of the film edit.

Who is Miles Donovan?

Taken from – http://cargocollective.com/milesdonovan

‘Hello, I’m Miles Donovan, i’m an illustrator and member of Peepshow Collective. My work has been used internationally for editorial and advertising clients including The New York Times, Creative Review, Guardian, Telegraph, Airtran and Qantas. You can find my illustrations in the books ‘Illusive’, ‘The Fundamentals of Illustration’, ‘Pen and Mouse’ and ‘Illustration Play’. With Peepshow I’ve worked on design, art direction and animation projects for BBC, Nike, Channel Four, Philips, Toyota, Redbee Media, Diesel, and The Victoria & Albert Museum. I’m represented by the good people at Art Department in New York and Serlin Associates in London and Paris.’


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Two New Animations!

So it’s been quiet for a week and a half on my blog but I have a very meaty post to make up for it!

Made out of my love for putting berries in most of the drinks I have!

Technical details –
Made in – Cinema 4d, Premiere
Render Time est. – 15 hours


This video started as an idea to make a funny short animation that would last around 8 seconds in which the girl gets squished under the weight of what she is carrying.

Whilst working on it other ideas came to mind and I kept on expanding upon my original idea, turning it into, hopefully, an animation with an inspiring and motivating message.

All photos, animation, 3d design and sound effects were created by me.

Camera used – Canon 7d
Programmes used – After Effects, Cinema 4d, Illustrator, Premiere & Photoshop

Music – Foo Fighters – Walk

Photos used –
Screenshot of the flag in c4d –


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Happy Halloween! Here are a couple of pictures of the pumpkin I made for tonight. It is also a bit of a hint for the next bit of motion graphics im working on! (if you can guess who the character is!)

As well as carving pumpkins I have been working on a short motion piece that involves raspberries and blackberries (as I eat them all the time!) Here is a preview.

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Cherry Tutorial

I have no idea why it goes ridiculously fast. But I have the techniques learnt!

Followed the Gorilla’s Tutorial – http://vimeo.com/12545791

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Upcoming Exhibition Layout

To help everyone visualize the layout of our fast approaching exhibition I have mapped out our currently planned layout.

P.s – If you want your work on this please send it to me or any other member of the web team asap. Also the work that is on the screenshots I know this might not be the actual work your using but instead putting on the website but it’s the only thing I have to use at the moment.

Top view, roof removed

Photos from original visit to the Free Range space


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Learning Cinema 4d – (Day 1)

Just started trying to teach myself how to use Cinema 4d. Here is what I have done on the first day!

Created and used – a 3d landscape, 3d text, animated camera, imported into after effects and added camera focus.

Testing out the physics.

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