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Two New Animations!

So it’s been quiet for a week and a half on my blog but I have a very meaty post to make up for it!

Made out of my love for putting berries in most of the drinks I have!

Technical details –
Made in – Cinema 4d, Premiere
Render Time est. – 15 hours


This video started as an idea to make a funny short animation that would last around 8 seconds in which the girl gets squished under the weight of what she is carrying.

Whilst working on it other ideas came to mind and I kept on expanding upon my original idea, turning it into, hopefully, an animation with an inspiring and motivating message.

All photos, animation, 3d design and sound effects were created by me.

Camera used – Canon 7d
Programmes used – After Effects, Cinema 4d, Illustrator, Premiere & Photoshop

Music – Foo Fighters – Walk

Photos used –
Screenshot of the flag in c4d –



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The other half of my planned berry composition, now to make it into a whole!

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Happy Halloween! Here are a couple of pictures of the pumpkin I made for tonight. It is also a bit of a hint for the next bit of motion graphics im working on! (if you can guess who the character is!)

As well as carving pumpkins I have been working on a short motion piece that involves raspberries and blackberries (as I eat them all the time!) Here is a preview.

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