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Exploring the Local

As it was for the second time in a row one of the best days weve had in England in forever, Thomas Barden (who has his photos up on his blog) and I went to the local forest and beyond to explore where we had not been before and try and get some cool shots. When editing I couldn’t decide between the colour and black and white versions I made so I have included both versions of each photo. Let me know which ones you prefer.


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Today was originally intended to be spent photographing the Millenium Mills (an abandoned mill near the Excel centre) however although we found a way around the big gates and razor wire, the place was patrolled by 3 cars/vans in total so it was a no go……….for now. So we went elsewhere for our photography.

The 02

The o2 can conjur clouds with it’s cranes.

Sailing in black and white.

Big Drum

Love the steam punkish, retro look to this building.

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Harold Wood Hospital

Harold Wood Hospital, located in the London Borough of Havering was built in 1884 and closed on December 13th 2006.
It now lays abandoned.

Outside the snow poured.

Through the corridors we explored.

And passed a nursery the children adored

Where a character called Milo was drawn for all to see.

Then the canteen we went to for lunch, what food could there be?

No food in the kitchen.

No food in the cupboard.

Maybe the food in there

Will make a tasty lunch.

We had our fill, but by accident we spilled, some food down ourselves, we are a messy bunch.
Oh where to find

A place to clean

Which way to go

Up or down?

To find a washing machine.


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