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Langdon Hills Nature Reserve

Another weekends wandering captured.

Langdon Hills
is a very local park and nature reserve to us, we walked through just a fraction of it as in total, it is over 400 acres.

Misty loved the extended walk.

My girlfriend and partner in crime.

Texture, texture. Email me if you want a full rez version of this texture. chillcleal@hotmail.co.uk


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Duck duck, goose.

A day over Belhus country park, shooting for a few hours whilst it went back and forth from sunny to drizzly almost constantly. An enjoyable few hours of photography though.

My new bag (Lowepro Mini Trekker) and new lens (sigma 150mm to 500mm). Photo taken by Stacey.

I kept the iso to around 400, f-stop to around 7.1 and shutter speed above 250 for all of these shots, all taken with the sigma 150-500mm.

The sun went in and it was overcast but alas tried to get a good photo of dandelion seeds flying off the stem. I cranked the iso up to the max as to get a faster shutter which as you can see made the image quite noisy. I also don’t like the composition but the colours are nice. Despite the fact it wasn’t actually the best lens to shoot this kind of photo (I wanted to test my new toy out as much as possible) I though id post the result anyway.

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Wat Tyler Country Park

More photographs to be put up soon.


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