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Defected – Ibiza ’12

Here is my latest freelance work for defected records –

And before that, Osunlade –

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Chill Reel 2012

Haven’t posted anything in a while, so what better way to get back into the swing of things than putting up my first ever showreel! Featuring new work, including what I had been busy working on for Defected Records.

Please watch in 720p

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Two New Animations!

So it’s been quiet for a week and a half on my blog but I have a very meaty post to make up for it!

Made out of my love for putting berries in most of the drinks I have!

Technical details –
Made in – Cinema 4d, Premiere
Render Time est. – 15 hours


This video started as an idea to make a funny short animation that would last around 8 seconds in which the girl gets squished under the weight of what she is carrying.

Whilst working on it other ideas came to mind and I kept on expanding upon my original idea, turning it into, hopefully, an animation with an inspiring and motivating message.

All photos, animation, 3d design and sound effects were created by me.

Camera used – Canon 7d
Programmes used – After Effects, Cinema 4d, Illustrator, Premiere & Photoshop

Music – Foo Fighters – Walk

Photos used –
Screenshot of the flag in c4d –


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Half Way Presentation

We had to present our idea for our project at the start of the year, this time we had to show how far we had come since that point and where we are heading. Here is my presentation that I showed the class.

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32 Second Render

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Virtual / Reality Roughed Out

Complete –

-Split Screen.
– Virtual garages.
– Shadow cut out from under person (it went onto the virtual world and looked jarring).

Yet to do –

– Robot detail.
– Replace rough text with proper stuff.
– Virtual bottles and physics.


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20 Second Render

Quite a bit is missing but this is what I have made so far.

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Typeface choice

I have settled with the typeface called ‘Molot’. I was looking to find something big and bold, but also very readable. I also chose it due to it being quite blocky, early games were very blocky and everyone can relate to that style of game, the typeface is also almost like tetris pieces.

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Intro Roughed Out

Working out how my intro animation is going to look.

Things yet to be added –

– Green screened pointing hand
– Make the floating tv’s rotate in space
– Text to come out the box at the end ‘X-Press’
– Animation on the screens to go on for longer

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2nd Podcast

As always go to youtube and click 1080p.


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