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As I want to produce a book as my final piece I have been looking at book printing sites. I decided to test ‘Blurb‘ out as they seemed like the best quality but also gave me most options as a designer to be creative with my book. I can produce the pages however I want, the obvious choice being InDesign and then converting to Pdf to upload. A lot of sites do not give you this option and therefore would not give me complete creative freedom.

I knocked a quick book up using my past work with the least amount of pages I could (15 pages) just to see if the quality was good enough for how I wanted it to look. I received the book today and the print quality is really nice. I will be using Blurb. See photos below.

After going to the bookshop called Magma on friday to look for some inspirational books I went home and brought the ones I was interested in online, they also arrived today! I was trying to look for a book close to what I had in mind to do on my subject and found it hard to find any, but came across one called ‘The Little Book of Shocking Food Facts‘. However after looking online I thought this book looked stronger called ‘The Little Book of Shocking Global Facts‘. Im really glad I found these series of books, something that relates pretty directly to what I want to achieve. Pictures below.

Amazing, colourful, attention grabbing front cover.

One of the most visually interesting content pages I have ever seen.

As with what I wanted to do this book doesn’t stick too closely to one style. It keeps constants such as page numbers but apart from that the style changes every few pages, it is hard to find a book like this. As you can see from the page below this is more photography based.

Mixed with info graphics.

More designer/typographically based.

Hopefully my intentions for my brief are a little more clear now that you have seem some visuals. Another book also caught my eye, it is dedicated to handwritten design. I thought this would be a good addition to all my current inspiration, which seems mostly digital thus far. Pictures below.

So far I have compiled a lot of research and inspiration over the summer, I have a week before I start back properly at college and in that time I need to workout what size book I want to work too and then I can start compiling what exactly I want on eac page of my book and how it’s going to be presented. Excited to get started!


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