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London Comic Con 2012

Leanne and I spent this Saturday at the  London MCM Comic Con Expo. We were greeted with one of the biggest queues I have ever been in, overall it took about an hour and a half to get through this monster, thankfully the painful wait was alleviated with interesting and strange things/people/beings to look at. Notice Dr Robotnik in the bottom left corner complete with swinging pendulum! With woops, screams and other noises travelling through the whole crowd like a mexican wave every now and then people seemed in very high spirits!

The best moment of the day for me was a guy dressed as Ezio from Assasins Creed literally moving through the queue like he does in the game, touching people lightly on the shoulders. He would get past around 10 people seemingly unnoticed, stop, bide his time, then continue. It was fascinating to watch as he must have skipped around 3 lines of the queue using he’s elite assassin skills, no-one said a word and he made it to the front in no time!

Totoro getting a good view.

Ryuk from Deathnote.

How is this for a pairing, Bananas in Pajamas with Ironman!


I have no words for this moment!

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Exhibition Video

I have put together a video I shot for our Free Range exhibition in Brick Lane.
As always please click 720p.


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Free Range Exhibition

Everyone working hard setting up the exhibition

A shot from the first evening of the opening!

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Upcoming Exhibition Layout

To help everyone visualize the layout of our fast approaching exhibition I have mapped out our currently planned layout.

P.s – If you want your work on this please send it to me or any other member of the web team asap. Also the work that is on the screenshots I know this might not be the actual work your using but instead putting on the website but it’s the only thing I have to use at the moment.

Top view, roof removed

Photos from original visit to the Free Range space


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Kinetica Art Fair

Kinetica Art Fair. Taken from the official website –

‘A unique opportunity to view and purchase artworks from leading contemporary arts organisations and artists specialising in kinetic, electronic, robotic, light, sound, time-based and interdisciplinary new media art. For 2010, over 35 galleries and organisations are taking part with over 150 artists exhibiting.’

It was a good trip and very popular by the amount of people that were in the place. I filmed quite a few of the exhibits, you will be able to see this footage in my next podcast.

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