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Miles Donovan Talk (update)

I have all the clips from the other camera that we used now so I can get busy and start editing.

I have decided to animate some short clips here and there throughout the talk to make it even more engaging. I have started making a little intro. The idea here is that camera zooms through a classroom into a simple 3d respresentation of the first starting shot, which will then switch into real life footage. I need to add colour and detail but it is on its way!

It is a rough estimation of what the actual classroom we filmed in looks like.

It is the first time I have made anything that isn’t created from primitive shapes. I don’t think I went about it the right way, but I managed to get it how I wanted it to look!

More to come very soon!

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Miles Donovan Talk

I was very happy to have the¬†opportunity to film Miles Donovan give a presentation to the current students at my old college. Thanks to Neil and Matt for the assistance. Now it’s time to edit like crazy! Keep posted for the final video!


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Self Initiated Crit

Today we filmed a small self intitated crit. We set 3 slr’s and another camera up at different angles to make it more professional and interesting, it will be quite a challenge to edit but if it works out we may do them every couple or few weeks. Stay tuned for the video.


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Behind the Scenes

My friend Antonia asked me to film her group as they went about filming for their own project brief for dove/kodak.

I brought a new lens to add to my collection earlier this week, a 50mm 1.8. I’ve fallen in love with it.

As always please watch in 1080 on youtube.


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