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Around a month ago Leanne and I acquired an allotment space, in which the weeds were taller than me the whole way over the plot! With a pair of loppers and secateurs (and many holes and thorns in us) we cleared the whole space!

With firework night on Monday we thought it would be a good way to have a bonfire and get rid of all the allotment waste. With the odds stacked against us….the pile of garden debris was practically swimming in a pool of water. Tom and I being ‘the men’, obviously had to provide heat for my lovely lady, Leanne (see her photos of the ‘bonfire’ here) as the temperature had dropped to zero degrees.

Armed with a pack of dry kindling and firelighters we set to work, no matter how hard we tried we couldn’t get it going properly (even beating our chests wildly didn’t work!?). After focusing all the heat under a wooden pallete, thinking if we can dry that out and get that to take we would be laughing, though (see the photo at the bottom) we made it white hot in one spot it still didn’t want to play nice and we had to admit defeat ­čśŽ


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