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Martinhole Wood

This curious building is located in Martinhole Wood in Basildon. Upon doing some on the go research Leanne found out that it was called ‘Vange Well No.5’. In the early 1920’s a farmer named Edwin Cash built it as a get rich quick scheme. He even went so far as to label it the ‘magic’ well in the ‘vale of health’. He sold the water and labelled it as ‘Farmer Cash’s Famous Medicinal Vange Water’ due to it being highly sulphated and was considered to be good for ailments such as stomach troubles and nervous disorders.

The well was shut down around the mid 1920’s due to water contamination perhaps because of a tuberculosis sanatorium that opened in 1927 which was on higher ground to the well. Cash died in 1931 and the well was sold.

You can read more of the well’s history here.

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