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Lens Tests

Macro Test shot with Tamron 55-200mm
Video Lens Test
Click ‘hd’

I think the Tamron 55-200mm was the highest quality, you can see especially in the blue colour of the sticker.

The following photos have been cropped from a photo like the one above. Zooming in to see the detail of the lenses. Each shot was taken at a 5.0 f stop and 0.5 seconds exsposure time with an iso of 200. All unedited.

Canon 18-55mm
Tamron 55-200mm
Canon 18-135mm

The best results come from the Tamron 55-200mm. Next the canon 18-135mm and lastly the canon 18-55mm lens. Of course there could have been some flaws to this test like the focus not being in exactly the same position for each but I carried it out as fairly as possible.

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