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Half Way Presentation

We had to present our idea for our project at the start of the year, this time we had to show how far we had come since that point and where we are heading. Here is my presentation that I showed the class.

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32 Second Render

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Virtual / Reality Roughed Out

Complete –

-Split Screen.
– Virtual garages.
– Shadow cut out from under person (it went onto the virtual world and looked jarring).

Yet to do –

– Robot detail.
– Replace rough text with proper stuff.
– Virtual bottles and physics.


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20 Second Render

Quite a bit is missing but this is what I have made so far.

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Typeface choice

I have settled with the typeface called ‘Molot’. I was looking to find something big and bold, but also very readable. I also chose it due to it being quite blocky, early games were very blocky and everyone can relate to that style of game, the typeface is also almost like tetris pieces.

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Congratulations – You made it to the end of the month

As I was searching for games that are more than just entertainment experiences I came across a game called ‘Spent‘.

In this simple choice/consequence game you start with $1,000 and have to make it through the month whilst making very difficult day to day decisions that crop up out of the blue, just like in real life.

Your part!

If you take the time to play the game, could you please answer the questions below in a comment (you do not need to be a member to comment), it would help me develop my own project.
(Please number your answers).

Click here to play.

Questions for you –

1. What day did you make it to on your first go?

2. How did the game make you feel?

3. Do you think the game was effective and would you be more likely to help out people in need, either by volunteering or donating after playing?

4. Could you please include your age and put ‘non gamer’, ‘casual gamer’ or ‘hardcore gamer’ next to it. Example – ’26 – non gamer

Feel free to add any other comments after.
Thank you for your time.

Rough definitions for question 4.

Non gamer = I have tried one or two games before but wouldn’t choose or go out of my way to play them.

Casual gamer = I mostly play games socially or usually on my phone or websites such as facebook.

Hardcore gamer = I keep up with the latest gaming news, buy the latest releases day 1 when I can and play all the time.


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Intro Roughed Out

Working out how my intro animation is going to look.

Things yet to be added –

– Green screened pointing hand
– Make the floating tv’s rotate in space
– Text to come out the box at the end ‘X-Press’
– Animation on the screens to go on for longer

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