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(II) Cornwall Adventure – Local Walk

A view of our temporary home at the Lower Pentire Barn from across the River Loe.

Lower Pentire Barn
Our colourful boots ready for adventuring!
Leanne kitted out for a great photo session.
Leanne Kitted Out
Off to the far right is where we were staying. We went for a long local walk to see what was around on. I am standing on the ‘Loe Bar’ which seperates the river Loe (which I am looking at) and the English Channel.

River Loe
This is the other side of the Loe Bar. There was this one smooth flat rock on the entire beach which Leanne took advantage of!
Leanne Beach
Sadly I got too close to the waves trying to get a good photo. A few frames on and the water fooled me with a double wave and went over and inside my boots, not the most comfortable thing to happen mid adventure on a cold day!
The English Channel Sea
I decided to bring my Totoro with me, taking inspiration from Leanne’s Eric adventures.
Totoro Cliff Edge
To the left is the river Loe, the middle the Loe Bar which seperates the Loe from the English Channel on the right. It is unusual to see two lots of water one on either side of land, at least I think it is! The Loe Bar’s terrain is a curious mix of grass and sand.
River Loe & English Channel
Continuing further around the river Loe.
Reeds in the River Loe
Tree roots normally grow below the ground, this tree must be rebelling in its teenage years!
Tree Roots
One of my favourite parts of the holiday was the fire we had. We had filled my car boot with wood so that we could use it every night and we ended up burning through all of it. We hardly turned the tv on, much more interesting to sit and watch the fire dance. Being a converted barn and an old style one at that with cold stone floors it felt amazing to have a roaring fire burning through the nights.
Fire 1
Fire 2
Fire 3
Fire 4

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Miles Donovan Presentation

I decided to create a short introduction animation to the presentation I filmed and edited. This is the first project in 3d where I have used more than just basic primitive shapes!

Thank you to Neil Randerwala for assistance in setting up and Matt Watson for filming with the second camera (close-up, moving camera).

This is the longest piece I have edited, clocking in at 1 hour 10mins and 40seconds.

The 10 second animation at the start took exactly 76 hours, 18mins and 30seconds to render.

Please click 720p.

Miles Donovan (Part I)

Miles Donovan (Part II)

The leaves that I added blown by wind at the very start were probably more of a pain to do than they were worth. The leaves kept on passing through the wall of my classroom and zooming past my shot inside. There was no reason for some of them to go through as others were stopped by it. I ended up having to layer many more walls outside of our view so that they wouldn’t pass through.

This is the overall scene I built from a distance.

I photographed most of the textures whilst walking around the block.

The classroom is roughly modelled to the real classroom we filmed in.

The screenshot above and below shows how I have tried to roughly match the end of the intro animation with the start frame of the film edit.

Who is Miles Donovan?

Taken from – http://cargocollective.com/milesdonovan

‘Hello, I’m Miles Donovan, i’m an illustrator and member of Peepshow Collective. My work has been used internationally for editorial and advertising clients including The New York Times, Creative Review, Guardian, Telegraph, Airtran and Qantas. You can find my illustrations in the books ‘Illusive’, ‘The Fundamentals of Illustration’, ‘Pen and Mouse’ and ‘Illustration Play’. With Peepshow I’ve worked on design, art direction and animation projects for BBC, Nike, Channel Four, Philips, Toyota, Redbee Media, Diesel, and The Victoria & Albert Museum. I’m represented by the good people at Art Department in New York and Serlin Associates in London and Paris.’


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The Lost Thing

Just came across this phenomenal trailer, it’s in a very similar style to ‘Lost and Found’. The typography is georgeous.
The website is also incredible – http://www.thelostthing.com/


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Congratulations – You made it to the end of the month

As I was searching for games that are more than just entertainment experiences I came across a game called ‘Spent‘.

In this simple choice/consequence game you start with $1,000 and have to make it through the month whilst making very difficult day to day decisions that crop up out of the blue, just like in real life.

Your part!

If you take the time to play the game, could you please answer the questions below in a comment (you do not need to be a member to comment), it would help me develop my own project.
(Please number your answers).

Click here to play.

Questions for you –

1. What day did you make it to on your first go?

2. How did the game make you feel?

3. Do you think the game was effective and would you be more likely to help out people in need, either by volunteering or donating after playing?

4. Could you please include your age and put ‘non gamer’, ‘casual gamer’ or ‘hardcore gamer’ next to it. Example – ’26 – non gamer

Feel free to add any other comments after.
Thank you for your time.

Rough definitions for question 4.

Non gamer = I have tried one or two games before but wouldn’t choose or go out of my way to play them.

Casual gamer = I mostly play games socially or usually on my phone or websites such as facebook.

Hardcore gamer = I keep up with the latest gaming news, buy the latest releases day 1 when I can and play all the time.


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2nd Podcast

As always go to youtube and click 1080p.


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A Fresh Podcast

A new podcast to show what im up to creatively and to document my final major project for my degree.
Please go to vimeo to watch it in a bigger size.

Thanks to –

Scott Coleman and Tom Barden (who have also done podcasts) for the extra slow motion water footage.

Animation that starts at 5.54 is by Buck – buck.tv/​library/​smart-car

Ilomilo’s website – blog.ilomilo.com/


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Games, Cinema & Snow!

Cinema 4d

After this week I will be experimenting and finding a lot more about how to work in 3d! Here is something I made yesterday –

Snow –

A video of Thomas Barden and I making the most of the snow. I shot everything at 60fps so I could use Twixtor to make super slow mo!

Inspiration –

I flicked through the music channels last night and caught the end of this video. It is a throw back to a lot of the most popular old school games, such as pac-man, pong and asteroids, with some funny references such as ‘all your feelings are belong to us’. Which if you dont know is a twist on the infamous quote from the game zero wing (which was translated from Japanese to broken English) and become a famous internet meme in 2000-2002 which was ‘all your base are belong to us’. Seen by the image below!

Heres the  music video.

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