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Park Wanderings

My girlfriend Leanne has got a new camera (Canon 600d!) So we went out so she could test drive it. Although the light wasn’t great and we didn’t find anything that amazing on our wanderings we still managed to get some nice shots.



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Weekly Photo Challenge – Geometry

‘Geometry is a branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space.’ – Wiki

I think my photo suits this weeks theme very well. It is almost as if the butterfly is made up of different small shape arrangements and colour patterns. Natural geometry.


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Langdon Hills Nature Reserve

Another weekends wandering captured.

Langdon Hills
is a very local park and nature reserve to us, we walked through just a fraction of it as in total, it is over 400 acres.

Misty loved the extended walk.

My girlfriend and partner in crime.

Texture, texture. Email me if you want a full rez version of this texture. chillcleal@hotmail.co.uk

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Cold Out

I wanted to take photos whilst there was still snow and I aimed for something a little bit more abstract than I normally shoot. Top to bottom, abstract to normal.

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Rainham Marshes

Took a short walk over Rainham Marshes with my camera. Didn’t see anything unsual over there though.


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Wat Tyler Country Park

More photographs to be put up soon.


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