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A new enterprise

Since the first couple of years of college I have been wanted to run my own company. From around September last year I had been thinking seriously about doing just that. So with many scribbled notes and discussions with my friend Tom Barden we slowly became edging towards making our company a reality.


Today after quite a few months of hard work and preparation we are all set up and ready to go!

Here are a few photos I have taken over the setting up period –

Constantly buying equipment and going back and forwards.
Moving stuff
Tom in action building our workbench. Our workshop/studio combo was once a housing for pigs, so every surface in the place is either wonky or bumpy which made it extremely hard to get the work bench level. In the end after trying to use laser pens and strings we did actually manage to make a pretty level work bench!
Tom workbench
Finished Work Bench
We had barely set the machine up, we still didn’t have a carpet and a guy from another unit on the farm came to ask if we could make some lettering for his new windows. Our first job!
First Job

At this stage it is all about advertising. If you know anybody that may need vehicle graphics, small signs, company branding, safety signs, window vinyl or print design please pass on our information/website.


DD Logo Square

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