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Cold Out

I wanted to take photos whilst there was still snow and I aimed for something a little bit more abstract than I normally shoot. Top to bottom, abstract to normal.

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It is my mission to get a great, close photo of this heron. They are extremely hard to take photos of as they are very easily spooked. I was lucky to get this close.


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Games, Cinema & Snow!

Cinema 4d

After this week I will be experimenting and finding a lot more about how to work in 3d! Here is something I made yesterday –

Snow –

A video of Thomas Barden and I making the most of the snow. I shot everything at 60fps so I could use Twixtor to make super slow mo!

Inspiration –

I flicked through the music channels last night and caught the end of this video. It is a throw back to a lot of the most popular old school games, such as pac-man, pong and asteroids, with some funny references such as ‘all your feelings are belong to us’. Which if you dont know is a twist on the infamous quote from the game zero wing (which was translated from Japanese to broken English) and become a famous internet meme in 2000-2002 which was ‘all your base are belong to us’. Seen by the image below!

Heres theĀ  music video.

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Harold Wood Hospital

Harold Wood Hospital, located in the London Borough of Havering was built in 1884 and closed on December 13th 2006.
It now lays abandoned.

Outside the snow poured.

Through the corridors we explored.

And passed a nursery the children adored

Where a character called Milo was drawn for all to see.

Then the canteen we went to for lunch, what food could there be?

No food in the kitchen.

No food in the cupboard.

Maybe the food in there

Will make a tasty lunch.

We had our fill, but by accident we spilled, some food down ourselves, we are a messy bunch.
Oh where to find

A place to clean

Which way to go

Up or down?

To find a washing machine.


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