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Typeface choice

I have settled with the typeface called ‘Molot’. I was looking to find something big and bold, but also very readable. I also chose it due to it being quite blocky, early games were very blocky and everyone can relate to that style of game, the typeface is also almost like tetris pieces.

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Self Initiated Crit Video

It is very wordy with not much physical shown but if we do another one there will be more work to show.

To see an overview of everyone talking go here to see Mr. Coleman’s edit – video

Feedback from Crit –

Suggested name ideas for my overall video

– ‘X-Press‘ – ‘X’ and ‘press’ relates to gaming in general. Express also means fast which is what im planning to do, teach people fas or at leas make them question what they already think they know.

– ‘Selective Memory‘ – Older people especially have selective memory, and the whole aim of my project is to hopefully update or refresh them memories.

Memory Bank‘ – Much like selective memory, people remember stuff from what they were and if they are not within the loop of that particular subject, their memory bank will be ‘outdated’ almost.

Question – Should I make a longer flowing video or a shorter split up series of animation?
Answers – ‘I think little bits would be better because older people do not necessarily have as much time, therefore they can watch one episode in your series and then they can do whatever they need to do, go to work or do whatever they need to do and they can watch the second one another time.’

– It would be difficult to pull off  change in art styles in one big animation, much more manageable in many shorter videos.

– If they are really short, people that may not necessarily care about learning about the subject in the first place might just watch it without knowing and before they get bored of it they have already been told the information.

– I dont think the cardboard fabric thing matters to much, but its essential you get your facts across, the visuals are there to keep people interested?

Other Ideas

– Mascot idea, in which the character guides you through and maybe even explains the situation.
– Add bits of reality, green screened parts?
– Use lots of textures for the 3d modelling.

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Final Major Project Presentation

Please go to youtube, watch in 720p and fullscreen.
Feedback appreciated.

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Let me tell you where im at

In Dragons Den style, ha.

It was my dad’s birthday recently and I took a whole bunch of photos of him playing golf on the beautiful course we basically lived on in Portugal for two weeks at Boa Vista. I always struggle to buy him presents, as like me, he buys everything he wants before his birthday or christmas! So I decided to get a canvas printed of the best photo I took of him on holiday, I’m really pleased with the quality! If your a Costco member it’s well worth using them.

Essay – 500 words of my 5-6000 word thesis are complete. I have a lot of great sources and I have outlined the next part im going to write.

Practical – A couple of posts back I made a post about all the inspiration I had printed out. I took this book away with me to Portugal and filled in each and every page with annotation. Annotation is usually a weak point of mine as I try and fill everything in at the last minute and it doesn’t work. I thought id get ahead of myself. Also on the left hand side page below, Scott Pilgrim, I have now seen the film and played the game and I’m obsessed with it! It just so happens that it’s perfect inspiration for my chosen project.

Self Brief –
My topic is going to be gaming. Gaming was probably my first major hobby when I was very young, starting on the Amiga, which was basically just a keyboard with a floppy disc drive, to present day with the ps3 and xbox 360. There is so much history/progression/subject matter to play with on this subject that coupled with my love of it I think it would make a perfect last major project.

The title idea I thought of first was – ‘What we can learn from games to make a better future‘. Although I think this title narrowed the subject down too far and as such think this is better suited – ‘The Relationship between computer games and people’. How am I going to go about doing this? Well I have done quite a bit of animation lately, taking risks and learning new skills is what I want to do to push myself this year. I have looked into book publishing websites and the best one seems to be ‘Blurb‘ . However I have thrown a quick book together in a day from some of the best bits from my old work to test the quality, and am awaiting delivery (should arrive Monday).

So what is so risky about a book? I have never produced one for a start, I haven’t had much experience with InDesign and by the end of this project I should be very adapted to it. Also I think my typography use is weak so this project will also boost that skill. Through producing a book a lot of research, planning and actual producing is necessary under constant deadlines, I also like the idea of it all being in a tangible professional looking product at the end. An advantage here is I can also take double page spreads il be producing and have them printed out as big posters if needed (for exhibition use and what not).

What is the book going to contain? I am going to do a lot of inital research, find and set out what I want to cover, pick thought provoking articles or find facts related to gaming and then transfer these into book form and obviously work it all out graphically. For example this article about why ‘death’ has always been a punishment in games – Article . I could take whole articles or take the best bits and produce a book that is not only interesting to read but is very visually stimulating too. Having gone to London yesterday to look at graphical books to help inspire me with this year I found a book along the same lines of what I want to do, I am going to order it after I publish this post, il make another entry when I receive it!

Games are obviously very visual by nature and cover many graphical styles, as such I want each segment or article in the book to have it’s own individual look. This way I can be creative and experimental to make it graphically interesting and not samey. I am well aware that books and magazines strive to be consistent but in my opinion from a graphics stand point this isn’t all that stimulating. Also since the book is about games and like I have said it’s a very visual medium I think this is a good creative choice. My audience is obviously to cater to gamers but also hopefully to surprise people about the depth of gaming, who think it’s just a 12 year old kid’s obsession.

Stay tuned for more. Also if you have any cool gaming merch, like I have shown in the photos or old gaming systems please comment or email me – chillcleal@hotmail.co.uk. This would be hugely appreciated! Thank you.


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Computer Game Theme

This weeks theme for our Frozen Reflex blog was to take a photo based on a computer game of our choice.

Since I have been playing loads of Left 4 Dead 2 lately I decided to base mine on the first game.

For those who have no idea what the game is, here is the game character I played in the photo called the ‘Smoker’. He uses his long tounge to wrap around survivors from the zombie apocalypse and strangles them, usually from the top of buildings.

Since I wouldn’t be a close subject to the camera the ‘make-up’ didn’t have to be very accurate as you can see below! Also the smoker would not be this happy (ever) so im clearly not in character here!

Also note the blood on my hand in the photo above. An hour before I took my photo for this weeks theme I was rushing around getting ready and I smacked my hand on the door frame but I actually in fact hit the ‘striker plate’ the metal bit that keeps the door shut. It was bent all the way in half facing the wrong way and although only made a small cut it went really deep, I could see white fleshy stuff….. yer ouchy. As i’m typing this now it still hurts.

Here is a photo of my hand a couple of hours after I did it. This was at 8 o’clock at night, it didn’t stop bleeding properly till 10am the next morning.

The other character in my photo is called Zoey. Here is a picture of what she looks like.

Finally here is my submission to this weeks theme of  ‘computer games’.


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