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Freelance for Defected Records

For the past few weeks I have been freelancing with Iwant Design to produce animations for Defected Records. The latest video I created is currently on the front page of Defected.com!

Direct link to the Kevin Saunderson video on my account.
Direct link to the Miami video on my account.

Direct link to the Kevin Saunderson video on Defective’s account.
Direct link to the Miami video on Defective’s account.

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Intro Roughed Out

Working out how my intro animation is going to look.

Things yet to be added –

– Green screened pointing hand
– Make the floating tv’s rotate in space
– Text to come out the box at the end ‘X-Press’
– Animation on the screens to go on for longer

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Self Initiated Crit Video

It is very wordy with not much physical shown but if we do another one there will be more work to show.

To see an overview of everyone talking go here to see Mr. Coleman’s edit – video

Feedback from Crit –

Suggested name ideas for my overall video

– ‘X-Press‘ – ‘X’ and ‘press’ relates to gaming in general. Express also means fast which is what im planning to do, teach people fas or at leas make them question what they already think they know.

– ‘Selective Memory‘ – Older people especially have selective memory, and the whole aim of my project is to hopefully update or refresh them memories.

Memory Bank‘ – Much like selective memory, people remember stuff from what they were and if they are not within the loop of that particular subject, their memory bank will be ‘outdated’ almost.

Question – Should I make a longer flowing video or a shorter split up series of animation?
Answers – ‘I think little bits would be better because older people do not necessarily have as much time, therefore they can watch one episode in your series and then they can do whatever they need to do, go to work or do whatever they need to do and they can watch the second one another time.’

– It would be difficult to pull off  change in art styles in one big animation, much more manageable in many shorter videos.

– If they are really short, people that may not necessarily care about learning about the subject in the first place might just watch it without knowing and before they get bored of it they have already been told the information.

– I dont think the cardboard fabric thing matters to much, but its essential you get your facts across, the visuals are there to keep people interested?

Other Ideas

– Mascot idea, in which the character guides you through and maybe even explains the situation.
– Add bits of reality, green screened parts?
– Use lots of textures for the 3d modelling.

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Lens Tests

Macro Test shot with Tamron 55-200mm
Video Lens Test
Click ‘hd’

I think the Tamron 55-200mm was the highest quality, you can see especially in the blue colour of the sticker.

The following photos have been cropped from a photo like the one above. Zooming in to see the detail of the lenses. Each shot was taken at a 5.0 f stop and 0.5 seconds exsposure time with an iso of 200. All unedited.

Canon 18-55mm
Tamron 55-200mm
Canon 18-135mm

The best results come from the Tamron 55-200mm. Next the canon 18-135mm and lastly the canon 18-55mm lens. Of course there could have been some flaws to this test like the focus not being in exactly the same position for each but I carried it out as fairly as possible.

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Ice + New Camera

Testing out the video on my 7D.
As always click ‘hd’.


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