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Thorpe Bay

Thorpe Bay. There isn’t many places where you can shoot such minimalism. The grey day only emphasised it further.

Minimal Water
Minimal Sea
Boats Minimal

Jetty 2

Wide Shot Beach
Stick In The Sea

Jetty 3

Jetty 4
Leanne Beach

Sticks In The Sea 2


Strong Hold

Circular 1
Circular 2

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A Fresh Podcast

A new podcast to show what im up to creatively and to document my final major project for my degree.
Please go to vimeo to watch it in a bigger size.

Thanks to –

Scott Coleman and Tom Barden (who have also done podcasts) for the extra slow motion water footage.

Animation that starts at 5.54 is by Buck – buck.tv/‚Äčlibrary/‚Äčsmart-car

Ilomilo’s website – blog.ilomilo.com/


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Slow Mo

First time playing around with slow motion. Filmed at 720p at 60fps, converted to 23fps to make the slow mo.

Watch on youtube and click 720!


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Today was originally intended to be spent photographing the Millenium Mills (an abandoned mill near the Excel centre) however although we found a way around the big gates and razor wire, the place was patrolled by 3 cars/vans in total so it was a no go……….for now. So we went elsewhere for our photography.

The 02

The o2 can conjur clouds with it’s cranes.

Sailing in black and white.

Big Drum

Love the steam punkish, retro look to this building.

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Ice + New Camera

Testing out the video on my 7D.
As always click ‘hd’.


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