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A new enterprise

Since the first couple of years of college I have been wanted to run my own company. From around September last year I had been thinking seriously about doing just that. So with many scribbled notes and discussions with my friend Tom Barden we slowly became edging towards making our company a reality.


Today after quite a few months of hard work and preparation we are all set up and ready to go!

Here are a few photos I have taken over the setting up period –

Constantly buying equipment and going back and forwards.
Moving stuff
Tom in action building our workbench. Our workshop/studio combo was once a housing for pigs, so every surface in the place is either wonky or bumpy which made it extremely hard to get the work bench level. In the end after trying to use laser pens and strings we did actually manage to make a pretty level work bench!
Tom workbench
Finished Work Bench
We had barely set the machine up, we still didn’t have a carpet and a guy from another unit on the farm came to ask if we could make some lettering for his new windows. Our first job!
First Job

At this stage it is all about advertising. If you know anybody that may need vehicle graphics, small signs, company branding, safety signs, window vinyl or print design please pass on our information/website.


DD Logo Square

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Local Walk About

A couple of weeks ago I went on a walkabout through parks and fields around my local area with Tom Barden which is also his local area! He also has had his post up for a while and has already done the explaining and mapping so take a look at his post to see that – link.

Lets just say the terrain wasn’t easy going.

This is our local park, The Brickfields. Usually these are holes which are great for riding in, about and round on your bike but lately (seems like a long lately) it has been filled to the brim with water. Fed up with rain now…..
On the plus side we are getting more and more days with sexy blue skies.
Looking Up
I am unsure what these were, circular roof tile? Though I liked the interesting pattern they made piled up.

Ok, not the prettiest of photos. But I thought if I could make pond skum look somewhat interesting then that would be an achievement. The strange swirly (skum) patterns drew me to this, I tried to make the branches an extension of the patterns. Reminds me of them really abstract paintings people do.

Pond Skum
Doors made out of brick don’t work very well. definitely form over function here.
Secret Door
I really like the layers of this photo. Grass, wood, metal and sky. Lots of elements thrown into the mix.
Smashed Window
Lone Tree
It wouldn’t be a post without a bit of Texture Texture at the end!
Wood Texture


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