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Thorpe Bay

Thorpe Bay. There isn’t many places where you can shoot such minimalism. The grey day only emphasised it further.

Minimal Water
Minimal Sea
Boats Minimal

Jetty 2

Wide Shot Beach
Stick In The Sea

Jetty 3

Jetty 4
Leanne Beach

Sticks In The Sea 2


Strong Hold

Circular 1
Circular 2

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Martinhole Wood

This curious building is located in Martinhole Wood in Basildon. Upon doing some on the go research Leanne found out that it was called ‘Vange Well No.5’. In the early 1920’s a farmer named Edwin Cash built it as a get rich quick scheme. He even went so far as to label it the ‘magic’ well in the ‘vale of health’. He sold the water and labelled it as ‘Farmer Cash’s Famous Medicinal Vange Water’ due to it being highly sulphated and was considered to be good for ailments such as stomach troubles and nervous disorders.

The well was shut down around the mid 1920’s due to water contamination perhaps because of a tuberculosis sanatorium that opened in 1927 which was on higher ground to the well. Cash died in 1931 and the well was sold.

You can read more of the well’s history here.

Texture Texture! As ever if you would like to use these textures, email me and I will send them to you full rez – chillcleal@hotmail.co.uk


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A Fresh Podcast

A new podcast to show what im up to creatively and to document my final major project for my degree.
Please go to vimeo to watch it in a bigger size.

Thanks to –

Scott Coleman and Tom Barden (who have also done podcasts) for the extra slow motion water footage.

Animation that starts at 5.54 is by Buck – buck.tv/‚Äčlibrary/‚Äčsmart-car

Ilomilo’s website – blog.ilomilo.com/


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Abandoned Rainham Marshes

Stumbled acoss this place last week late in the day, so today we went back and explored all day. Tom Barden and myself declared it a golden find, check out his blog to see more photos. We also filmed a fair bit which will be released in our podcasts, unleashing on the 1st of February.

No problems with security, a few lorries and cars driving past the area as we were inside, apart from that, a piece of cake! Oh and I almost got scared to death while walking up some metal stairs, I looked up to find some weird eyes looking back at me from between the rungs, after a second of terror I realised it was a cat!

This was pre black cat scare. Though I think my eyes would have been a lot wider than this!


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This weeks theme for the joint frozenreflex blog was ‘Lost’. The last post I did was in the recently burned down Boyd Hall and I thought that would be a great location to shoot in to get a great photo to suit the theme. As were only allowed to post one shot on that blog I shall keep it exclusively there, so click here to see it. Here are the best of the rest.

Thanks to my sister, Sarah for being my model.

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Boyd Hall

The following photos were taken at Boyd Hall. It has lain abandoned for quite some time now although recently has been burned down, my photos show what is left.

Built in 1870, Boyd Hall was the village school in Cranham until 1950. It is a rare example of a complete “model” Victorian school and is an excellent example of Essex yellow stock brickwork. It is named after the Boyd family of Cranham Hall who first provided education for local children in a cottage on their estate in 1818 and through whose generosity it was built.
The above take from – http://www.haveringra.org.uk/pages/heritage.htm


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Harold Wood Hospital

Harold Wood Hospital, located in the London Borough of Havering was built in 1884 and closed on December 13th 2006.
It now lays abandoned.

Outside the snow poured.

Through the corridors we explored.

And passed a nursery the children adored

Where a character called Milo was drawn for all to see.

Then the canteen we went to for lunch, what food could there be?

No food in the kitchen.

No food in the cupboard.

Maybe the food in there

Will make a tasty lunch.

We had our fill, but by accident we spilled, some food down ourselves, we are a messy bunch.
Oh where to find

A place to clean

Which way to go

Up or down?

To find a washing machine.


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